Welcome to the sign up for the Southern Region Oireachtas! Our fairy godmothers are excited to be serving you in Olrando and are ready to whip up a little magic! We will be offering make up, hair and tanning appointments. We will also have lots of fun Disney themed merchandise, photo ops, give-aways, raffles, and we may just have a magical appearance by someone special!

No need to fret! Drop your princess off to us and we will take it from here! Go grab a cup of that magical coffee (you're gonna need it!)

TEAMS!! Because of the high demand and success of our team packages at Nationals, book early!

Team rates will be available and will be discussed with TCRG or team leader. Contact us for with any questions. Once you book a slot, we will contact you in regards to payment. 

Bippity Boppity Boo y'all!!